Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was born into the Mormon church. My father and mother were married in the Salt Lake Temple, and my mother grew up in Salt Lake City. I am one of five children (all of which are still mormons but me). My older brother is even a scientist, one would think he would question. But they all believe blindly like sheep.

I never really bought into the whole thing. When I was about five years old our family went to my fathers office picnic. The only beverage there was iced tea! It was a hot summer day, and it looked good. When my family wasn't looking I filled up a dixie cup full of that sinful iced tea and ran into the woods. I drank it down fast and then waited to die! After about ten minutes nothing happened, of course, and I ran off to play. I never told anyone of my experience but they couldn't brain wash me after that.

I got pregnant and had a baby when I was 18. My parents sent me to live in a foster home (Mormon), and I was basically their maid, and they didn't even let me eat meals with them. It was the worst experience of my life! Of course to make things even worse I kept the baby and he was half black!!! Although the church had found an inter-racial Mormon couple in Arizona that they wanted to give my baby to. They were so furious when I said NO!!! They had done this even when I said from the beginning that I was going to keep my baby!!!

It has taken me 17 years to recover.

My son is now 16 years old. He is a straight A student, the star of his high school baseball team, and he has a very high self esteem. I am financially secure, and have great friends, and am happy. However, to this day my family still believes we are doomed. They continue to send the missionaries to my house. Whenever I move they transfer my church records to the current ward. I have told them time and time again to stop but they won't. They feel that if they keep trying I will return to the fold. My older sister who lives 1000 miles away continues to call to tell me about these great (Mormon) men she wants me to meet. They just won't give up! My mothers response to my happiness, and my sons is due to the devil. "The devil gives blessings too" is what she says when I tell her I'm happy. One time due to my complaints to the missionaries, home teachers etc. that I was not a Mormon, they sent some men to my door one night (I do not think they were missionaries-must of been a bishop or one of them). They had some kind of document for me to sign. When I answered the door they said they were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that they needed my signature and I would be sent to Satan. I do not remember the exact words but it was enough for me to shut the door in their faces! I felt that they didn't even deserve a second of my time.

I have downloaded several documents from the Internet about the church, temple ceremonies etc., I wish I had the courage to send copies to all of my family but they probably wouldn't even read them. Reading them has been a comfort to me and validation of my own beliefs. I never knew any factual things about the untruths of the church growing up, but after the iced tea event, I didn't need them.


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