Monday, April 17, 2006


Heavenly Father Brought Me out of the LDS Church

by Katrina Marti

While I was raised a Mormon, after my wedding at 18, I slowly drifted away from the Church. Many years went by during which my life was one of typical worldliness. One day, when my oldest son was 11, he announced he wanted to be baptized.

I knew that he couldn't just be baptized, so I started to take him to church. After several weeks of taking him to the LDS Church, I was converted and became active again. I mean, I was really active. I had several callings, attended the temple at least monthly, held home evening every week, read from the Book of Mormon daily with my kids and in private, and fellowshipped almost exclusively with Mormon friends.

I did all of this not because I knew the Mormon Church was true (although I said I did), but instead because I had come to know my Heavenly Father in a very real and personal way. I knew He lived and that He loved me and cared for my family. Because the experience that brought me to this knowledge had happened in the LDS church, I thought that meant it was the true church.

After a couple years my marriage, which was not particularly strong, fell apart. Throughout the year and a half of separation and finally divorce, I clung to the Lord and felt His strength in every part of my life. I was so blessed by Him throughout this time of trial!

Soon afterwards the Lord brought my current husband and I together. Since he was also a Mormon, I thought we were headed for a life of celestial happiness (the Mormon way). But, my husband started to voice doubts about the Church soon after we were married. You can imagine my fear and frustration about this situation. However, since I knew Heavenly Father had brought us together, and since I knew my husband was a sincere seeker of truth, I knew my husband would eventually come to know the truth of the Church.

About a year later, while praying about this situation (our divided house), Heavenly Father answered my prayer by telling me to follow my husband when he had made up his mind. I knew this was a true answer from Heavenly Father by the sweet assurance of the spirit afterwards. Of course I figured that the answer my husband would get would be that the LDS Church was true (he was spending lots of time praying about this very issue). However, when my husband finally announced his decision, it was not for the LDS Church, but instead was against it.
In tears and great anguish, I gave up my calling in young women, handed in my temple recommend, and started attending a nearby Christian church.

There however, I was to really have my eyes opened as the ladies were doing a simple Bible study on the Lord's prayer. For the first time, in the context of this study, I had my eyes really opened to Christian doctrine and how it completely and totally fit the context of the Bible, as opposed to LDS doctrine that tried to fit their beliefs with small passages of scripture taken out of context or in opposition to other passages of scripture.

This was an amazing revelation and the more I studied the more I came to see how simple and yet wonderful God's amazing gospel was. Bible passages I had wrestled with, trying to understand from a LDS context, became so clear and obvious that I was really amazed I hadn't been able to see before. There was truly nothing hidden or secret about this gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead it was easy: Men were fallen and in a sin state. In fact, no one was (or could be) righteous. Then, Christ died for all of fallen mankind and all mankind has to do to receive this free gift was to trust in Christ.

LDS people claim to teach and preach of Christ, but the Christ they preach is a great man who did a wonderful thing, an older brother, the spirit brother to Satan (and the rest of us). He is not to be worshiped. In fact, what exactly we are supposed to do with Christ wasn't clear to me as a Mormon. This wasn't the Christ I came to find in the Bible. Instead, the Christ I found is the Creator of this world and indeed the whole universe; the Creator of my soul and my body. He is God With Us. He is the Everlasting Father, Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace. He is the great I AM. It is to Him we owe our allegiance and worship. Praise God for the gift of His Son to the world!

Anyway, I could go on and on about the difference in my life, but it really comes down to worshipping God. As a Christian I have joy. As a Mormon I had callings. As a Christian I daily praise Jesus and worship Him. As a Mormon I worked hard and tried to keep all the commandments -- and failed daily. As a Christian I find there are many commandments and many good practices I try to do, but since I fail daily, instead of worrying and striving, I worship and praise God and trust that He will sanctify me. As a Mormon I worshiped my children, my parents, my husband, and my church. As a Christian I love my family, I go to church -- but I worship my God.


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